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For my photography fans.

Sorry I haven’t posted any photography in a while. When I made the move to my new host, I guess I didn’t install the Gallery correctly because It wont let me upload photos. I will get it fixed soon I hope, but till then I will upload without my gallery.


This is not the same fly photo as before.

Both Shot with a Pentax K10D and Sigma 105mm macro lens.

DIY Flexible Flash Bracket.

So you are looking for a flexible flash/macro flash bracket? You came to the right place. Or how about a flexible reflector holder? Why spend $40-$70 for one of these flash bracket that uses the same parts? Or $45-$50 for one of these Reflector/misc holders?

All the Flexible parts you need can be found at Amazon and I will provide a list of the parts you will need. There are two sizes that you can use to build the arm: 1/2″ and 3/4″. For the setup I made, I used the 1/2″ fittings at 6 beads long, but It didn’t seem strong enough to hold my Pentax 540 flash(380 g) so I moved to 3/4″. If your flash weights around 380 grams or more I suggest you use the 3/4″ system. If you are using a smaller slave type flash, you should be able to use the 1/2″ system.

In order to connect your camera to your off camera flash you will need a sync cable or something similar, or you can do it wirelessly if your camera and flash support it. I do it both ways.
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