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Pentax K10D Multi Exposure

The more I used the Pentax K10D, the more impressed I am with it. Not only is it cheaper then the Canon XTI, but it is in my opinion a much better camera. In fact it is better then every other camera in its class. No other camera in its class has built in image stabilization, a weather sealed body, 14bit RAW images, and so much more. Today I will be talking about the cameras Multi-exposure feature. This feature does exactly what you would think; it allows you to take multiple photos(up to 9) and combine them into one image.

You might be wondering how this is useful. Well, you could do fun stuff like make ghosts appear in you photos, or you can really put it to use, and use it as a ND filter. Say you want to take a photo of a running river, and you want to water to look like it really moves. Lets say that the proper exposure for this scene is 1/2s @ f/10. That will give you some of the flowing look you want, but not enough. With Multi-exposure you could do 9 shots at 1/2s @ f/10, and that would give you a photo of 4.5s @ f/10. Now your scene will really flow. Plus 9 x 1/2s will have a lot less noise then 4.5s at any ISO. This same feature can be used with night or astro photograhy to cut down on the noise.

I haven’t been able to test this out besides for the fun stuff, but I look forward to my first test at a river or creek.

Some more info, plus some example photos can be found at dpreview.com

Happy shooting 🙂