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Site: feeds back up

Some of you may have noticed that the feeds here at Quiglag.com had been down for a few days. I was in the process of cleaning up some code and I accidentally deleted a redirect. After I had changed servers a while back, I also wanted to move the directory wordpress was in. In order to do this I would lose all search indexing for all of my pre move posts. So I set up a redirect, to redirect everything quiglag.com/blog to quiglag.com. This also saved me a lot of hassle, unfortunately I didn’t update my feedburner account. So after I deleted the redirect, feedburner didn’t know where to get the feeds from. After trying to get everything back up and working with feedburner support, and then realizing that it was all fault, I of course felt like an idiot.

Check your URLs boy and girls.

And if you have not yet subscribed to Quiglag.com, now is a good time. Click on “RSS” at the top, and you can select your favorite RSS reader.