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We got a new dog. Update: New Name

Update: Her new name is Pepper. Much better 🙂

Well, my mom got a new dog, but we all get to play with her. We got her from the local animal shelter. We had been looking online for a few months now, and this one caught our eye. We took our other dog Rosie over to visit her to make sure they get along, and they seem to be OK together, so my mom filled out an application. The next day we got a call saying the dog was ours. Yesterday my mom and I went to pick up the dog, and brought her home. My Mom named her Grace. I don’t think it is a very good name for a dog, but I don’t have much of a choice. Grace and Rosie seemed to be OK right off the bat. They are not best friends yet, but I’m sure they will be eventually. Grace is a very active dog, and loves to run around after anything. The crazy thing is when she goes for a drink of water from the pond. She puts the whole front half of her body in the water just to get a drink. Its kind if funny to see. Plus she likes to pull things out of the pond that she thinks don’t belong; like plants.

Grace is a 7 month old Australian Cattle dog. They are supposed to be great frisbee dogs, so that is something I am working at. She will chase after the frisbee, but cant catch it yet. It might be because our backyard isn’t big enough for her to get up to full speed, but I don’t trust her enough to let her run free in the front yard.