This little script places your winamp info in the titlebar of your mIRC window. First you need to download WA link


; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
;How to install:
;You must have WA_link installed first,
;then put the code below into your remotes

on *:start:{
  /timertitle 0 1 /updatetitle
alias updatetitle {
  /titlebar $server - $date(mmm d yyyy) - $titletime  $tbarmp3
alias titletime { return $time(h:nn:ss) }
alias tbarmp3 { return %WA.Stats $dll($shortfn($mircdirWA_Link\WA_Link.dll),WA_Link_Stats,%WA.Theme ) }
menu channel {
  .Titlebar:msg $chan Titlebar »» $me on $titlebar

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