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Help Save Steve

I got an email a few days ago from Steve Schwartz (I should check my email more often) He says that the RIAA has filed suit against him for file sharing. If you feel the need to donate you can find a donation link on his website.

The RIAA has every right to protect their music; but for them to sue someone for almost $4000 for some songs is just crazy. The RIAA is getting out of hand.

There are a few places to buy music on the internet, but most of these places dont sell them in mp3 format (iTunes and Napster). They do this because the RIAA doesnt want people to have the mp3s, because of what they could do with them. The RIAA wants money without having to do any of the work. Yet at the same time they want to shut down all online music stores. Maybe if CDs didnt cost $15.00-$20.00 with only 10 tracks of songs, people wouldnt feel the need to find cheaper ways to get the music they enjoy.

Mom vs RIAA

I know we have all heard of the RIAA going after the little man and/or woman. The RIAA has sued over 17,000 people; but finally someone is willing to stand up to them. A New York mom, who claims that she has never downloaded an mp3 in her life. After being more then $24,000 in debt, before the trial has even began; she has had to dump her lawyer. But we can help her out. The good people of the internet have set up a donation… so help her out. Donate to the Patti Santangelo’s Legal Defense Fund 🙂
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