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I have not posted in forever.

This because I have been spending all my time working on my other website,, going to work, and taking piano lessons. I haven’t even had time to take any photos. I know, it is sad. After I become rich off my other site, I will have no problem finding time to post. Until then, my time must be divided.

P.S. Remember to vote based on the issues, not on how well someone looks, or acts.

Site: feeds back up

Some of you may have noticed that the feeds here at had been down for a few days. I was in the process of cleaning up some code and I accidentally deleted a redirect. After I had changed servers a while back, I also wanted to move the directory wordpress was in. In order to do this I would lose all search indexing for all of my pre move posts. So I set up a redirect, to redirect everything to This also saved me a lot of hassle, unfortunately I didn’t update my feedburner account. So after I deleted the redirect, feedburner didn’t know where to get the feeds from. After trying to get everything back up and working with feedburner support, and then realizing that it was all fault, I of course felt like an idiot.

Check your URLs boy and girls.

And if you have not yet subscribed to, now is a good time. Click on “RSS” at the top, and you can select your favorite RSS reader.

Site update: Now playing

I have added a cool little bit of code to the sidebar that shows the current song I’m playing in iTunes. Thanks to Brandon Fuller for this. While a song is being played, you can see it in the sidebar, as well as the cover artwork. The artwork is pulled from, and if you click on it, it will take you to the CD on Amazon’s site. You can also click on the iTunes link below it to get the song on iTunes. If no song is being played, then the whole thing disappears, to leave a nice clean look. The script is not completely accurate though; sometimes it pulls the wrong song artwork from amazon. But this is only like 1% of the time, and probably because I have some hard to find stuff. Enjoy

New website host.

You may have noticed how much faster the website is loading… well I have a new host for the site. It is really a good bad situation. The good; a faster more reliable host. The bad; I still have a half a year paid for at my old host. For me it was hard to post or upload anything, and I wasn’t able to share my thoughts, photos, things, and stuff. So I think It was worth it. My old host was Powweb, and I strongly do not recommend them. My new host is a little more a month, but if you are reading this, then they are doing their job. If you need a website host check out SharkSpace. They are well worth the price.

Yeah, I’ve been slacking.

I haven’t posted anything good in a while, but what do you expect , its hockey playoff season. A game to watch just about every day of the week. What could be better?

I did find something cool last night while I was surfing YouTube on my Wii, when waiting for the hockey game to start. I didn’t know the Wii could view YouTube videos, so when I found out last night, I must have spent a good hour watching different vids. I am a Jackie Chan fan, so I found this to be quite entertaining.