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Does life on Mars disprove evolution?

Scientist believe that all life on Earth came from a single cell. Well, if scientists find life on Mars, doesn’t that disprove their theory. If they find a single cell on Mars, then why are there not other life forms, like on Earth. Where Is Marvin the Martian? Mars has been around just as long as Earth, yet we are the planet to have life? Just something for you to think about. Just because science thinks something is true, it doesn’t automatically make it true.

The cure for being cold.


Are you tired of being cold all the time, even when its not cold outside? Scientist have discovered a protein that could put an end it. Its called TRPM8, and its what senses the cold, and gives menthol its cool feeling. It also controls the relieving of pain when exposed to cool temperatures.

The protein also seems to be involved in a condition called ‘cold allodynia’ in which patients become hypersensitive to cold temperatures. Ning Qin, of Johnson & Johnson’s pharmaceutical research and development lab in Pennsylvania, and his colleagues surgically induced the condition in their mice and then measured the animals’ response to cold. Mice without TRPM8 lacked the cold sensitivity caused by the condition3. –

Cool stuff if you ask me. Its amazing how one little protein can control so much of the way your body reacts in cold temperatures. Just goes to show, we still have a lot to learn about the human body.

A message to Atheist’s

I was reading “The God of the Bible is also the God of the genome.” over at but because I cant comment over there, I will comment here.

Reading that article and the links within, showed me some things that I hadn’t thought of before; and only goes to prove even more so that God is real. One of the links “Genesis: Relic Or Relevant?” really goes into the proof of the Bibles truth.

Written more than 3,000 years ago, Genesis 1 is an attempt to explain where creation came from. Its tone is remarkably dry and scientific for such an age. Competing theories of our origins from that time ranged wildly, from an earth resting on infinite stack of turtles to an earth that was a giant egg laid by a great cosmic bird, to an Olympian god hoisting it on his shoulders.

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