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Crumpler Bags Review

This Crumpler Photography Backpack I own is so good, how could I not write a review about it. I own The Whickey And Cox DSLR backpack. I ordered it online, so I really couldn’t get an idea of its size. I was shocked by its size when I received it in the mail. It was a lot bigger then I expected. I thought a few times that I should return it, and get the next size smaller, but I hadn’t even tried it out yet. Of course after I decided to give it a try, It wasn’t hard to fill up. I then felt better about its size.

Here are some key things I should mention. This backpack is built very well. Its is also very well designed. It comes with a laptop insert for 15″ laptops (my 15.4″ fits fine). Inside dividers can be moved around to make sure your camera and lenses will fit. Every inside divider, and laptop insert can be removed, to give you a regular backpack. It has a tripod strap on the back. The best feature of all; You cannot gain access to the backpack while it is being worn. No behind the back thieves will worry you.

Its the little things that make me happy. This backpack has a good half inch of padding to keep your back and shoulders in good comfort. It has little built in strap keepers, that keep the straps slack out of your way. What, you don’t want to use the waist or chest strap? That’s OK, you can remove both of them. Am I forgetting something? Probably.

Downsides: Its not cheap. You pay for all the bells and whistles, but for me its worth it. Hard to find in your local store. Hopefully this will change.

They have a bunch of shapes and sizes to fit your needs. I am thinking about getting a smaller side bag, for workaround’s. If you have the money you should definitely check them out. Review finished, go back to shooting.

DIY Flexible Flash Bracket.

So you are looking for a flexible flash/macro flash bracket? You came to the right place. Or how about a flexible reflector holder? Why spend $40-$70 for one of these flash bracket that uses the same parts? Or $45-$50 for one of these Reflector/misc holders?

All the Flexible parts you need can be found at Amazon and I will provide a list of the parts you will need. There are two sizes that you can use to build the arm: 1/2″ and 3/4″. For the setup I made, I used the 1/2″ fittings at 6 beads long, but It didn’t seem strong enough to hold my Pentax 540 flash(380 g) so I moved to 3/4″. If your flash weights around 380 grams or more I suggest you use the 3/4″ system. If you are using a smaller slave type flash, you should be able to use the 1/2″ system.

In order to connect your camera to your off camera flash you will need a sync cable or something similar, or you can do it wirelessly if your camera and flash support it. I do it both ways.
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Online photo printing.

I had a bunch of photos that I felt I should get printed out, to share with friends, family, etc. I wanted to give WinkFlash a try. I have heard nothing but good things about them, so I felt my photos would be safe in their hands. The only reason I wanted to go with WinkFlash, rather then a local print shop is that 4×6 prints only cost .12 and the shipping was a flat rate of .99. I haven’t seen any local print shop that came close to the .12 price.

A few years back I had some photos printed up at a camera store, and they cost .21 for a 4×6. It was the first time I had digital photos printed out, so I had no idea how the quality was going to be. I was very surprised at how good they looked. A year or two after that, my mom had some printed out a Wal-mart. I figured they would look just as good, but boy was I wrong. They came out very grainy, and the colors were off. I don’t know if this was a one time thing for Wal-mart or if this was as good as it gets for them, but I didn’t want to waste my money to find out.

So back to WinkFlash. The first thing you need to do to get started is to register. The second thing you need to do is upload all the photos you want to have printed, which in my case took a few hours, because of the size of the files that had to be uploaded and because I had a lot of pictures I had to go through. After the painful process of uploading all the photos, all you have to do is pick the size, and quantity, then you’re done. I ordered mine Sunday night, and they arrived today(Wednesday) at around noon. You might think that because the shipping was only .99 that they wouldn’t be shipped or packed very well. I thought the same thing; but I was very surprised at how well they were packaged and shipped. Lets just say, that they dont make any money on the shipping. The prints are very good in quality, and I will definitely order my next photos from them. Money well spent.