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Why Trump won. Hint: Liberals are to blame.

I think the reason Trump won is the same reason the Tea Party was so successful in winning. Independents and Conservatives wanted to try something new. They were fed up with the same thing happening year after year with promises being made by both Democrats and Republicans, with neither side following through.

The problem is the media painted the Tea Party as a racist group that hated Obama—and liberals still think that. I remember many Tea Party leaders saying, “You don’t have to vote for our candidate, just don’t re-elect the the incumbent.” Liberals say they want change and they want to work together, but when they actually had the chance to get new blood into DC they chose not to. All they heard was the word “racist + Tea Party”, then they repeated it, and they ignored everything else.

Trump’s victory was partly because of how bad Hillary was as a candidate, partly because how upset the majority of America was about Obama’s policies—dispite how likable he is as a person, and I think mostly about trying a businessman (something new) in the White House.

Trump voters didn’t buy the media’s portrayal of him as a racist because the media has cried wolf so many times before we wouldn’t believe them even if it were true. But again, Liberals heard “racist + Trump”, they repeated it, and ignored everything else. They didn’t even realize that they were helping him to win, and they still don’t realize that with every ridiculous statement they make, they are actually helping him. They are setting the bar so low, that he just has to be an OK president to get elected again; and this could be a bad thing.

How To Fix The Yellow Background Box In Adsense – The Correct Way

Sometimes when you place a Google Adsense ad on your website you will see a light yellow background behind the ad, or you might see the yellow box before the Google ad loads to fill up the space. In most cases the ad will eventually cover the yellow background box, except for a few rare occasions or if you are using a responsive ad, or an ad block that displays in various sizes

What you are seeing is some CSS code from your website theme that is being used incorrectly by the Adsense code. Specifically, the ‘ins’ tag in the Adsense code is reading the settings from your theme, but the only reason the ad is using it, is because the ‘ins class=”adsbygoogle”…’ is not defined by the Google Adsense code, or by your own theme.

How To Fix The Yellow Background In Adsense – The Correct Way

Many other websites tell you how the you fix the yellow box background issue by changing the color of the ‘ins’ tag in your css file, but that is not the correct way to go about fixing it.

What you really want to do is define the entire ‘ins class=”adsbygoogle”…’ tag so that your default ‘ins’ is left alone, and you are only changing the one associated with the ad. We don’t want to go about fixing the ads while ruining other parts of your website in the process.

To get rid of that adsense yellow box background you need to add a small bit of CSS code into your theme’s CSS file. To do this in WordPress, head into the admin panel and go to ‘Appearance -> Editor’ and then add the following code to the CSS file (stylesheet) of your theme. For other Content Management Systems, you will need to find and edit your CSS file.

ins.adsbygoogle {
 background: transparent;
 text-decoration: none;

How to get free Bitcoins

252px-Bitcoin_logo.svgSo, you have been hearing all this talk about Bitcoins on the news and you want to try it out for yourself. Starting out earing free Bitcoins is a good way to get your feet wet and see if it is something you want to continue using. Below is a list of websites where anyone can earn free Bitcoins with tasks as simple as making a single click.

Before you can get started earning Bitcoins you first need a Bitcoin Wallet. There are a number of ways to get a wallet, but I recommend using an online wallet from Coinbase. Casebase also sells Bitcoins, so once you are familiar with Bitcoins you can use them to buy and sell Bitcoins. After you have signed up, head over to your Account Settings > Bitcoin Addresses, and click + Create New Address. It will create an address similar to 1LLj2Nhh4zp1AM5nJUNe65zbzJaEcT1Y5c, which you will need to copy and use to get free Bitcoins.

Earn Free Bitcoins

Bit Visitor – Earn Free Bit coins every 5 minutes by visiting different websites. After 5 minutes you can click next to visit a new website and earn more coins.

Land Of Bitcoin – A coin faucet. Just enter your address and start earning free Bitcoins. Watch your Balance at the top right of the screen as it begins to grow.

BitcoinGet – Perform a number of different tasks to earn free Bitcoins. The harder the tasks the more Bitcoins you can get. One of my favorites is to watch Youtube videos to earn coins. I have them running in the background while I am doing other tasks.

CoinTube – Another way to earn coins by watching Youtube videos. To get to coins you have to watch the entire video and change the channel afterwards.

Earn Free Bitcoins – A fast and easy way to earn free Bitcoins every minute just by visiting websites.

More Bitcoin Faucets

Domestic Pineapple
MMO Club
Daily Free Bitcoin
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Elhappy Faucet
Fire Faucet
Bluds Faucet
Bitcoin Information
Bitcoin Faucet

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I should have watched Psych sooner

A new episode of Psych is airing as I type this. I was late to start watching Psych and only started watching it regularly last year, and that was only after catching a few of the reruns. I have been watching more of the reruns as they air and was lucky enough to catch the pilot the other day. After watching some of the newer episodes and than jumping back to the first season, it was interesting to see how much Shawn over exaggerated his reactions to his “psychic” abilities. Now Shawn just touches his head when he senses something, but back then he would jump around, and shake, rattle and roll. His reactions were funny but sometimes they got to the point of being annoying, so I can see why they changed it over time.

In tonight’s episode (Shawn Rescues Darth Vader) Shawn was hooked up to a lie detector by Lassiter and was finally asked if he was really a Psychic, but this was already after he blurted out that he loved Juliet. After much hesitation he finally answered that he was indeed a Psychic and ended up tricking the detector. Of course Shawn ended up solving the case, and it wasn’t until the end of the episode that we see a flashback of Shawn’s Father teaching him how to beat a lie detector. Isn’t TV great?


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