Can Obama run the whole country, he cant even manage his website.

Keep in mind that I have not posted in a long time, but this I had to get out. He can’t even control the little things. His own website is full of security holes, as well has hate speech.

First the security holes.

A while back it was noted on LGF that the BO website was full of open directories. Now everyone knows that open directories are bad. While a person can not modify the files, they can view the files, and potentially find a why to hack into the network. He wants to run the most powerful country in the world, and keep us safe and secure. Yet he can’t even keep his on website secure. Now, I am sure that he himself is not the one that is managing the entire website, but it is his job, to make sure the person in charge, is doing their job. NOW BO is looking for a security expert. A little late?

Now on to the hate.

The hate does not come directly from Obama himself, but is does come from his website. I would think that he would want everything on his website to reflect his views, but I guess I am wrong. BO has a My Obama section to his website. This is a place where ordinary people can set up their own blog, and write about politics and why BO is the the greatest man to ever live. Does this sound like a good idea or a bad idea to you? A good idea if you are MySpace, but a bad idea if you want to become president. As it turns out, non of the blogs are moderated, and neither are any of the groups. So what happens? Well, the new black panther party joins up.

Just more lack of leadership skills as far as I can tell.

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