I’ve got a new website.

As you can see, I have not made a post here in a while. I have been working on a new website for the past few weeks. As some of you know, I work in the wonderful world of commercial construction. Work has been slow for a while now; I have been out of work since Christmas eve.

I had been thinking of another way I could make some extra money for when things get slow, and the idea of a tool review website came to mind. Tools are something I know a little about, since I use them everyday at work, so it seemed like a reasonable idea. I don’t know how big this site is going to be, but it seems like it would be worth it to see if it goes anywhere.

Tool Reviews

So I introduce to you Tool-Rank.com. It is not 100% complete yet, but it is very much usable. So if you have any favorite tools, or tools you absolutely hate, please stop by and add the tool and enter a review. And if you have any suggestions, please lets me know.

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