VoIP on your iPod Touch

The boys over at touchmods.net have come up with a way to get VoIP on the iPod Touch using the phones built in wi-fi. Of course the iPod Touch doesn’t even have a mic, but they also have a tutorial on how to make your own; or for the non-tech you can order a premade one.

You can see the hack in action below:

If you are interested check out their FAQ

I always said that if apple came out with a “PDA” I would buy one, and the iPod Touch seems to be it. I however will wait awhile for the price to come down and the technology to get better. 8 gigs for $299 just isn’t enough space for me. I need a lower price tag, or a bigger hard drive. I cant wait to see what the 2nd gen will do.

Happy Hacking

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