ABC ruins Caveman series.

Everyone knows the Geico Cavemen commercials; and most people really enjoy watching them. When ABC announced that they were going to make a TV show based off of the much loved commercials, I was very excited.

My excitement didn’t last long. My Mom said she saw a commercial for the new show, but it didn’t look like ABC was using the same Actors that were used in the commercials. I visited ABC’s website just to check things out for my self, and confirmed what she had seen. Not only did they use different actors, but the makeup didn’t even look as good as the commercials. It just didn’t look realistic to me. The worst part of all was that the commercial wasn’t even funny. That was 3 strikes for them.  I also checked out ABC’s message boards, and saw that nobody had anything good to say about what they had seen. Most were disgusted by the fact that ABC didn’t use the original actors. It was a sad thing to see, but maybe ABC will get the hint and fix things before the series airs this fall. Even if ABC doest make any changes, I will give Cavemen a chance, but they better not let me down.

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