Idiot Judge sets free an accused child rapist.

You have probably seen this on the news, and if you haven’t, HotAir has a video clip of what has happened.

Basically an accused child rapist that raped and molested his 7 year old family member, then was set free by an idiot Judge. I use the word “Idiot” in this case, because it sickens me that someone could let him free. The reason he was set free is just as stupid, as setting him free…

They couldn’t find a translator for him.

What kind of stupid reason is that? Plus the fact that the accused went to High School in the USA, and attended a Junior College in the USA. He spoke to police in English, and he just recently spoke to a Fox News Producer in English.

This Judge needs to be kicked off the bench. In a case of people lives being changed and ruined, Judges can not make mistakes like this.

Boycott the new Underdog movie

So… I was coming home from work the other day, and saw a billboard for the new Underdog movie. First thoughts were, I didn’t even know they had made an Underdog movie. Then I started to read the billboard; It read “One Nation Under Dog” and that is when my jaw dropped. Not only does the slogan offend me as a Christian, its offends me as an American. What kind of idiot came up with that idea?

If it offends you in any way, don’t go see the movie. You will show your displeasure in their ad campaign, and you also save a few bucks in the precess.

Works of Fire

Or if you are boring you would call them fireworks.

Here are a few photos from My Grandparents front yard. It was my first time photographing fireworks, but I was very happy with the results. This is a set of 5 photos. My technique was to set the camera on the tripod, using the wired shutter release as the trigger to keep down the camera shake. I set the shutter release switch on(this lets it shoot off photos non-stop), and just let the camera keep shooting. Every once in a while I would make sure the shots were coming out OK, then it was back to the switch. The settings I used were: ISO 100, White balance Daylight, Shutter 4-6 seconds, F/8.