Does life on Mars disprove evolution?

Scientist believe that all life on Earth came from a single cell. Well, if scientists find life on Mars, doesn’t that disprove their theory. If they find a single cell on Mars, then why are there not other life forms, like on Earth. Where Is Marvin the Martian? Mars has been around just as long as Earth, yet we are the planet to have life? Just something for you to think about. Just because science thinks something is true, it doesn’t automatically make it true.

One thought on “Does life on Mars disprove evolution?”

  1. In response to “Does Life On Mars Refute Evolution” my response is and alsways has been “Yes.” As a retired clergyperson who has pondered the myseteries of the universe b ased on sound scientific explorations and evidence for many years–I say again: science and theology are not enemies; the newest and finest advances of science will inevitably show that humankind were created by divine design to be separated, distinct, and above the plant and an89imal kingdoms.

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